Germantown’s Largest Musical Chairs by: Principle Toyota

Germantown’s Largest Musical Chairs, sponsored by Principle Toyota, begins at 2:30 p.m., inside the Germantown Charity Horse Show Area, Saturday, November 4, and will continue until the last person is seated.

GRAND PRIZE for the last one seated: New Toyota Camry for a year!

Fee: $25 per person (includes t-shirt)


Rules of the Game

  1. Everyone lines up around a set of chairs and then walks in a circle, around the chairs, as the music plays. Chairs will be set in circles of twenty. First round will have one less chair in each circle.
  2. Music will play and there will be a “stop music” at random intervals.
  3. Any time the music stops, the players must sit in a chair. At the time the music stops one (or more) chair(s) will be pulled from each set of circles, players must hurry to find a seat.
  4. When all the seats have been claimed, one player of each set will be left standing. Those players are out of the game.
  5. After each round event, staff will take one more chair(s) from each set, start the music and play as many rounds as it takes until we are left with one chair and two players. The player who lands in this last chair when the music stops wins A NEW CAR!            ANY PUSHING OR TRIPPING WILL BE AN AUTOMATICE DISQUALIFICATION

Added fun: Each round players will travel around the chairs in a different way. Players may be prompted to run, skip, hop on one foot, dance, gallop or walk on your tippy toes.

Must be 18 or older to play; 21 and up to win Grand Prize.

Eligibility to win Grand Prize: Entrants must be legal United States’ residents, at least twenty one (21) years old or above, with a valid driver’s license and reside in the Greater Memphis Designated Market Area as defined by Principle Toyota.  Entrants must also have a valid car insurance policy to win, other requirements may apply

Registration is now closed.